Monday 23rd April

1 Chronicles

Beginning with Adam the history of Israel is rewritten down to the return of Judah from captivity. To this time the books have fitted one into another and formed a continuous history. Here we double back and review the whole history, beginning with Adam, and coming down to the edict of Cyrus which permitted the exiled Jews to return to Jerusalem.

Religious Purpose of the Narratives. Several things show these books to have a religious purpose. (1) God's care of his people and his purpose to save them is given special emphasis. (2) The building of the temple is given much prominence. (3) The kings who served God and destroyed idols are given the most conspicuous place. (4) He follows the line of Judah. only mentioning Israel where it seemed necessary. In this way he was following the Messianic line through David. (5) The priestly spirit permeates these books instead of the prophetic elements as in the earlier historical books. The aim, therefore, seems to be to teach rather than to narrate. He seems to teach that virtue and vice, in private or in national affairs, will surely receive their dues-that God must be taken into account in the life of individuals and of nations.

1 Chronicles 1-2

To Noah's Sons, The Japhethites, The Hamites, The Semites, The Family of Abraham, Descendants of Hagar, Descendants of Keturah, Descendants of Sarah, Esau's Sons, The People of Seir in Edom, The Rulers of Edom, Israel's Sons, Judah to Hezron's Sons, Judah From Ram Son of Hezron, Caleb Son of Hezron, Jerahmeel Son of Hezron, The Clans of Cleb

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