Sunday 11th March

The name Deuteronomy name comes from a Greek word which means a second or repeated law. It contains the last words of Moses which were likely delivered during the last seven days of his life. It is not a repetition of the law, but rather an application of it in view of the new conditions Israel would meet in Canaan, & because of their former disobedience. It’s purpose was to lead Israel to obedience & warn them against disobedience. The spirit & aim of the law is explained in such a way as to present both encouragement & warning. The style is warmer & more oratorical than that of former books. Its tone is more spiritual & ethical, & its appeal is "to know God," "love God" & "obey God.” It’s was written because (1) A crisis had come to Israel. Their lives were to be changed from wandering in the wilderness to living in cities & villages & from dependence upon heavenly manna to cultivating fields. Peace & righteousness would depend upon a strict observance of the laws. (2) There was a new religion in Canaan against which they must be on their guard. The most seductive forms of idolatry would be met everywhere & there would be great danger of yielding to it.

Deuteronomy 1-2

The Command to Leave Horeb

The Appointment of Leaders

Spies Sent Out

Rebellion Against the Lord

Wanderings in the Wilderness

The Defeat of Sihon King of Heshbon

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