Job 40-42 

The Lord Speaks to Job (Continued) 

Job Replies to the Lord 



In spite of humanity’s leaning to sin there were those who tried to follow him. One was Abraham.  Abraham was called to follow God, trusting him with his life.  God promised he would make him into a great nation, and Abraham’s part in the agreement was to obey God.  Through sharp testing Abraham remained faithful and became a model of a life of faith for us. 




Genesis 12-15 

The Call of Abram 

Abram in Egypt 

Abram & Lot Separate 

Abram Rescues Lot 

The Lord’s Covenant with Abram 



Genesis 16-18 

Abram has a Son, Ishmael, with Hagar 

The Covenant of Circumcision 

Three Visitors Come To Abram 

Abram Pleads for Sodom 




Genesis 19-21 


Sodom & Gomorrah Destroyed 

Lot & His Daughters 

Abraham and King Abimelek 

The Birth of Isaac 

The Treaty Between Abraham & King Abimelek 




Genesis 22-24 

Abraham’s Faith Is Tested 

Abraham’s Wife, Sarah Dies 

Isaac and Rebekah 




Genesis 25-26 

The Death of Abraham 

Jacob and Esau 

Isaac and King Abimelek 

Jacob Takes Esau’s Blessing 



Genesis 27-29 

Jacob Takes Esau’s Blessing (Continued) 

Jacob Flees 

Jacob’s Ladder Dream at Bethel 

Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel and their Children